How I Approach Style

I approach style by keeping it simple.  I really don’t like too much clutter. Your clothes shouldn’t wear you, you should wear your clothing. All the bells and whistle only detract from who you are as a man. I am a firm believer that with style it’s 50% … [Read More]


Fashion Influencer Spotlight: The Dapper Guru

Would like to share with all you my interview I did with a great site “anurbanrenaissance” ( This month’s fashion influencer spotlight is on a gentleman we here at UR have been following for sometime now that goes by … [Read More]



Porsche Round Up: July 11

source (Bunzroc)   Carrera S (Bas van der Gronde) source (Jeff  Cann) 918 Syder (sjoerdtenkate) 1972 Porsche 911 Carrera RS (rrimebr) 1977 Porsche 934/5 (rrimebr)   source (automotiveandlifestyle) source (DelkoDuck)

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